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File this one under “valuable, but under-used (or unknown) academic resources”.

The Australian Media History Database is an online resource for academics, scholars, and industry professionals in the area of media history specifically relating to Australia. As well as a portal providing information about resources for media history and relevant events, it provides an index of researchers in Australia and overseas, with details of their projects and (in most cases) contact details.

Its main purpose is to provide a mechanism by which researchers working in particular areas can get in touch with colleagues doing similar things. This is the core activity of the ARC Cultural Research Network, under whose auspices the AMHD was set up.

Listing in the AMHD is free and open to anyone working on some aspect of Australian media history. Postgraduate students and independent scholars are welcome to contribute. Click on the “Add Your Details” link. And please bring this resource to the attention of any colleagues who might not have found it already: the more it is used, the better the quality of its content.

Disclosure: I am the webmaster for the AMHD and was involved in the original design meetings.

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