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Re-posting Jason Wilson at Gatewatching.

I’ve been thinking that it might be handy to compile a list of Australian academics/researchers who are using Twitter. I’m trying to make a start with this post. If people could add themselves in the comments thread, giving their name, position and username, I’ll compile this information in a repost on this blog. I’ll start.

Dr Jason Wilson
Lecturer in Digital Communications, University of Wollongong

The motivation for this has to do with putting everyone in touch with each other, and us in touch with students. The last few posts I’ve done have been about how I’m using Twitter as a teaching and learning tool. Many students are now signed up, and getting to grips with what the service is all about.

I’ve been telling them how many leaders in their field of study are available, but it’s not easy to find everyone listed in one spot. I hope I can provide this for my students and others here.

Jason’s definition includes postgrads, sessional tutors, and so on: anyone working in a university or research context. Please follow the link and out yourself.

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