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Posted Thursday November 10, 2005 by John Gunders in |

I received an email this morning: a plaintive cry for help. Someone had noticed that Senator Santo Santoro (Australian Liberal Party) was running a survey on his website that asked visitors to state whether they felt the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the premier Australian public broadcaster) demonstrated a “left-wing” bias.

Senator Santoro has a reputation for attacks on the ABC: he freely admits this on the same website:

Since last week’s estimates committee hearing at which the ABC appeared, I have been deluged by complaints that I am wasting the Senate’s time, the ABC’s time, and my time by continuing to pursue the legitimate concerns of ordinary Australians that the ABC lift its game in terms of balance in some of its news and current affairs broadcasting. (The ABC of Bias and Lack of Balance)

The email I received suggested that we defend the ABC by taking the survey and responding as we saw fit. I tried to do my bit, but when I visited the website, I couldn’t find the survey. Apparantly it had been taken down.

I don’t know why, but maybe it had something to do with the fact that around 28% of respondents saw left-wing bias in the broadcaster, while some 50% – 60% found it “fair and balanced”.

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