Commercial Television Wants More Ads

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Free TV Australia, the consortium of commercial television networks, are calling for public comments on its proposal to alter the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice to allow an extra minute of political advertising each hour between 6:00pm and midnight during the upcoming election campaign. This will allow them to take part in the multi-million dollar advertising bonanza, without having to stop screwing business for its advertising revenue.

As Crikey explains (behind the paywall unfortunately):

That would see the amount of advertising rise from 13 to 14 minutes an hour during the campaign, from 6pm to midnight. That’s an extra six minutes of political ads a night per network.

In the current tight and boom-like conditions, that would deliver more than a million dollars a week extra for the networks and possibly over two million each a week during the campaign, depending on the rate deals and the programs selected.

And the networks would not have to forgo other ads to achieve an average 13 minutes an hour, across the six hours of prime time, as they’ve had to do in the past.

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