Death of The Bulletin

Posted Thursday January 24, 2008 by John Gunders in |

Today’s issue of The Bulletin magazine will be the last. In spite of a circulation of 57,000, the magazine was not profitable enough for the private equity group that Jamie Packer sold it to in recent years.

According to ACP Magazines chief executive Scott Lorson :

“The Bulletin has been an institution in Australian publishing and has provided its loyal readers with the best quality, in-depth news and current affairs analysis in the country.”

The Bulletin was founded in 1880, and I can’t help feeling that if it was a house, picketers would already be gathering to stop the bulldozers from razing something that was too important a part of Australian history to be destroyed. As The Bulletin isn’t a house, there is no crowd, and possibly little regret.

Because the journal is in private hands, the question of cultural importance and history is not considered, and certainly it was a load of right-wing drivel for most of its life. But isn’t the organ that launched the careers of Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson worth a little respect?

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