Election.Twitter.Com is a firehose of lunacy

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Twitter, the minimalist social networking site with the funny name, has started doing interesting things with its “firehose” of member content. Basically, Twitter is searching the content feed in real time for specified keywords (probably using the Summize search engine technology they acquired a few months ago) and building focal pages around those keywords. The first fruit of this strategy is the Election.Twitter.Com mini-site.

Certainly, the usual caveats about political astroturfing apply. As do the caveats about relying on techno-literate users to gauge the prevailing mood of a society.

But wow. It’s still an extrordinary sampling of opinion. And craziness. I’ve just spotted at least two comments uncritically replicating the Republicans’s “Muslim socialist” propaganda about Barack Obama.

With the first vice-presidential debate beginning within about two hours of publishing this post, I thought it might be timely to point the resource out to our faithful readers. The ones who aren’t already Twittering, at any rate.

Update: election.twitter.com in a nutshell

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