Eurovision 2010 Final Contestants

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There are always a few complaints that four countries get automatic qualification into the final without having to compete in the semifinals. Eurovision is quite open that this is a reward for the four main broadcasters who effectively bankroll the competition. The fifth automatic finalist is the host country.

Before the final these five entries will be randomly assigned a position in the programme, and then the ten highest placed performances from each of the semifinals will be randomly placed in the remaining positions.

Again, everything this year seems very safe and conservative. I’ll have more about that in a day or two.

France: Jessy Matador — Alllez Olla Olé
Heavy beat dance number of the type you’d hear in any club in Paris, London, Sydney, or Mooloolaba for that matter. Slick and catchy, as you’d expect, but nothing to grab the voter. Sung in English. (Only kidding! But wouldn’t that be a sensation. Sung in French, obviously).

Germany: Lena — Satellite
Inoffensive dance pop with a slight funk feel. Sung in English with a weird twang that makes Lena’s accent sound almost Australian.

Norway: Didrik Solli-Tangen — My Heart Is Yours
And now to the host entry. This is a string-heavy ballad with more than a hint of the Lloyd Webbers about it. Typical over-blown Eurovision by the numbers, but man, that last note goes on for weeks! Sung in English.

Spain: Daniel Diges — Algo Pequeñito (Something Tiny)
Starts as a Gypsy folk waltz, and jumps to production number halfway through. I’m not sure that it didn’t have two key changes. Little more personality than most of the rest. In Spanish.

United Kingdom: Josh — That Sounds Good To Me
After wheeling out Lord Andrew himself last year to no avail, this year the UK are bringing on the big guns in the form of Pete Waterman and Mike Stock. You might remember them from a little production company in the 1980s called Stock Aitken Waterman? This song could only be more terrible if they got Rick Astley to do a cameo on the night (and wouldn’t that be awesome!). Actually, that’s slightly unfair: this is the sort of slick, polished, and instantly forgettable song you’d expect from the writers. I’d guess that Josh Dubovie was chosen more for his sweet smile and boyish charm than for his voice. Sung in French (I wish. English, obviously).

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