Eurovision Semi-final Two Contestants 2011

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Bit late with this: the second semi has already played, but won’t be on Australian TV until the weekend (no spoilers!). At last the expected Eurovision craziness has appeared.

Dino Merlin – Love in rewind (Bosnia & Herzegovina) What! She is totally not playing that piano. Inoffensive folk-pop.

Nadine Beiler – The secret is love (Austria) Slow ballad. One for the Celine Dion fans.

3JS – Never Alone (The Netherlands) MOR pop-rock. Pleasant, but forgettable.

Witloof Bay – With Love Baby (Belgium) This! Wow. Five vocalists and a beatboxer do an a capella jazz/soul epic. Fabulous. But I wonder how they will manage it live (vocals have to be live, backing track recorded).

TWiiNS – I’m Still alive (Slovakia) Identical twins, apparently. Well, maybe gimmick will work where talent fails. Derivative slow pop.

Mika Newton – Angel (Ukraine) This is more interesting than many of the other songs, in that it doesn’t sound like everything else. Angsty pop with an urgent backing.

Zdob si Zdub – So Lucky (Moldova) The Eurovision website calls this “hardcore.” Pretty anaemic hardcore, it must be said, but kind of fun. It could grow on me.

Eric Saade – Popular (Sweden) “I will be popular.” I doubt it: derivative Eurodisco. More effort seems to have gone into the choreography than the song writing.

Christos Mylordos – San Aggelos S’Agapisa (Cyprus) Starts as a quiet folk-tinged ballad, and then halfway through suddenly becomes quite dramatic. Fun.

Poli Genova – Na Inat (Bulgaria) Rock, played through that unmistakable Eurovision filter that makes everything sound a little bit like everything else.

Vlatko Ilievski – Rusinka (F.Y.R. Macedonia) Rollicking pop-rock number. In Macedonian, but I can make out the words “musica” and “vodka,” so that pretty much tells you all you need to know.

Dana International – Ding Dong (Israel) The 1998 Eurovision contestant returns with a fairly silly dance song.

Maja Keuc – No one (Slovenia) The “Christina Aguilera of Slovenia” apparently. Nothing particularly memorable about the song, but the folky instrumental was nice. and about the nine millionth song this year to have a key change. Good news for the drinking game.

Hotel FM – Change (Romania) Creditable pop. Pushes every button. Just not the interesting ones.

Getter Jaani – Rockefeller Street (Estonia) Classic Eurovision. Upbeat pop, with just enough craziness to make it fun. Unsure what genre they wanted, they used them all.

Anastasiya Vinnikova – I Love Belarus (Belarus) More football anthem than pop song, but fun anyway.

Musiqq – Angel in disguise (Latvia) Singer has a good voice, but is totally unsuited to the song. He should be screaming, not bopping along with a forgettable pop song. And I’m not sure about the middle-aged hipster rapper.

A friend in London – New tomorrow (Denmark) Pop-rock. Competent, but uninteresting. Won’t make the cover of Rolling Stone.

Jedward – Lipstick (Ireland) I’ve hear that this is the favourite. Crazy electro-dance pop. And the stupidist hairdos in Eurovision history. FTW!

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