Eurovision Semifinal One

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So Eurovision 2009 is nearly on us, and all the entries are now available on the website. With a record 42 entries there will again be two semifinals with the top ten placed entries in each semifinal joining the “big four” in the final.

Here are the entrants for semifinal one (in performance order), with my totally ill-informed opinion of each, based on a single (and frequently distracted) listening. I’m hoping that semifinal two will produce some gems, because all we’ve got here is the dross.

I’ll do semifinal two when I can bring myself to listen to more of this stuff…

Montenegro: Andrea Demirovi – Just Get Out of My Life: So predictable you can sing along the first time you hear it: completely forgotten two minutes later.

Czech Republic: – Aven Romale: Upbeat folk song, listenable, but forgettable.

Belgium: Copycat – Copycat: Yes of course, because an Elvis impersonator worked so well for France last year.

Belarus: Petr Elfimov – Eyes That Never Lie: Generic soft rock.

Sweden: Malena Ernman – La Voix: I thought Andrew Lloyd Webber was writing the UK entry. And take all your valuable crystal out of range of the speakers…

Armenia: Inga & Anush – Jan Jan: Britney Spears with the faintest Eastern European feel.

Andorra: Susanne Georgi – Get A Life / La Teva Decisió: Indistinguishable pop. Could have come out of Andorra, LA, Sydney, or London.

Switzerland: Lovebugs – The Highest Heights: Another soft rock band: FM rock territory

Turkey: Hadise – Düm Tek Tek: Another Britney clone.

Israel: Noa & Mira Awad – There Must Be Another Way: Inoffensive pop song, listenable without being predictable.

Bulgaria: Krassimir Avramov – Illusion: Classic Eurovision: completely over-the-top in everything, frenetic and promising a significance that can’t deliver.

Iceland: Yohanna – Is It True: Well written, great production values, instantly forgettable.

FYR Macedonia: Next Time – Neshto Shto Ke Ostan: Just another rock band.

Romania: Elena – The Balkan Girls: Another Britney clone.

Finland: Waldo’s People – Lose Control: Euro-disco, with elements of hip-hop and very poppy chorus. Lordi would be appalled.

Portugal: Flor-de-lis – Todas As Ruas Do Amor: Folky, nice Portugese flavour, but kind of repetitive.

Malta: Chiara – What If We: Ticks all the Eurovision boxes: nice build, good orchestration, well sung. You keep waiting for something to happen…

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Regina – Bistra Voda: Coldplay are from Bosnia & Herzegovina?

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