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Posted Friday February 29, 2008 by John Gunders in |

I have nothing substantive to say at this point, but thought I should keep the old thing ticking over.

I was going to post something about the lack of women at Kevin’s 2020 love-in, but the entire blogosphere beat me to it. For what it’s worth, “Women on Boards”, a “national program to improve the gender balance on Australian company boards” has distributed a press-release with some interesting points. My favourite was a quotation from Albert Einstein insisting that “you can’t solve the problem with the same thinking that created it.” See the presser here.

On another note, Paul Keating, with nothing left to prove and rapidly approaching the elder-statesman phase of life (and with his own musical to boot!), apparently just doesn’t care what he says anymore. Of fellow Oz opinion writer, Janet Albrechtsen, he says: “Albrechtsen is a no-talent proselytiser for causes overtaken by history and events”. Link here.

It’s fun when you find yourself back in the cool kids team.

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