Kings of Leon and Channel V

Posted Wednesday March 18, 2009 by John Gunders in |

Now it is official: Hill-billy rockers have more sensitivity than Australian television executives.

I just heard this on the radio, and can’t find independent evidence, so at the moment I’m taking it on faith. In an interview with which was aired on TripleJ this morning, Caleb and Jarrod of the Kings of Leon, the southern US rock outfit which donated their services to headline the Sound Relief concert last weekend, said that they had left their number one hit (and Hottest 100 winner) “Sex on Fire” off the playlist, because it seemed insensitive to play a song of that title at a fund-raiser for a bushfire appeal, and they didn’t want to offend anyone.

No so the cable channel V, which telecast the Melbourne event. According to TripleJ’s Lindsay McDougall, a film montage of the bushfire destruction shown in the lead up to the concert featured the song prominently.

I’m not a huge fan of Kings of Leon, but this morning’s interview showed a thoughtfulness that belies their hick image, and they went up a little bit in my estimation. My opinion of Channel V remains unchanged.

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