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The winner of the annual “Labour Photo of the Year,” organised by the LabourStart organisation, has been announced. K M Asad, an Indian photojournalist, won with a striking image of a Bangladeshi boy resting after working, probably unpaid, in a filthy shipyard. The photo is a stark reminder that child labour is an ongoing issue in some parts of the world.

Asad’s caption reads:

A Bangladeshi boy works in a shipbuilding factory in down town. These factories employ young boys as apprentices without pay for the first few years. They work in extreme conditions without safety tools like gloves, goggles, and other protective gears. In exchange, they learn the skills of the trade. But this costs them loss of health and education. In Bangladeshi child work lad is under 18th years child don’t work in any work site. But no body eels to see them and no security in their life.

See Asad’s Flickr photostream here.

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