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Welcome to the soft launch of The Memes of Production, a joint-authored weblog that looks at the world from a cultural studies perspective.

For me, The Memes of Production is an experiment in a more practical engagement between the wider world and that of cultural studies. I’ve always been interested in the idea of the public and political academic intervention, of the gentle and user-friendly prodding of the soft underbelly of modern culture with the sharpened stick of cult-stud.

I’ve deplored both the overblown, unengaged twaddle that gets passed off as cultural studies in too many places, and the rampant intellectual dishonesty that is then mustered to condemn it. I think a lot of smart, politically engaged people don’t really know what cultural studies is—or can be. There clearly needs to be a corrective, a better model for engagement and communication. What I hope will evolve here is an open, accessible, and wide-ranging conversation about the the ideas that shape our thoughts and feelings.

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