Margaret Simons on the Walkleys

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An interesting piece by Margaret Simons in Inside Story where she points out the irony of the recent Walkley Awards where a significant number of awards were given to defunct publications:

Other winners included the ABC’s Radio Eye (for best broadcast feature), which will finish up this year, and illustrator Simon Bosch (best artwork) formerly of the Sydney Morning Herald, who was “let go” in the Fairfax blood-letting a few weeks ago. Among those shortlisted for awards were a Julie-Anne Davies story in the Bulletin, which no longer exists, and an article in Time, a publication that has just announced the sacking of all its Australian journalists and the probable closure of its Australian bureau.

There is something profoundly sad and profoundly disturbing about an industry giving its highest awards to outlets that no longer exist, or are in decline.

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I should also note that Margaret is now blogging at Crikey, and you should take a look.

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