Murdered for being a Unionist

Posted Thursday October 19, 2006 by John Gunders in |

The IUF condemns the assassination of yet another member of the Colombian rural workers’ union SINTRAINAGRO, union activist Jesús Marino Mosquera, who was murdered while returning from work on October 11. Mosquera was employed for over 20 years at a farm in the municipality of Carepa, where he served as a union representative on the joint labour/management committee for the past 12 years. Mosquera’s murder brings to well over 400 the number of SINTRAINAGRO officers and members who have been murdered since the union was founded.

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As a member of the NTEU, I sometimes find it a little difficult to muster the energy to attend the Labour Day march, or go to branch meetings, but at least I don’t have to worry about being gunned down! Makes Howard’s union-busting laws look a little insipid…

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