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OK, it has been quite a while since “Memes” has had a substantive posting. There is a reason for this: Pownce, j’accuse!

The main contributers to “Memes,” as well as many of its most frequent commenters, have found ourselves enjoying the ease of communicating within a semi-private forum, based on shared values, ideas, and experiences. It seems easier to throw an observation or insight into a known space, than into the dark where who-knows-who will pick it up (“Memes” has been mercifully free of flames, but it is curious to see who will sometimes drop by with an objection). Exchanges have also been more casual and funny than you would expect on a blog (well, our sort of blog), as is natural to this sort medium.

Sometime colleague, blogger, and Pownce-buddy Catherine offers some insights into the Pownce interface. She’s right: there are still problems with the interface, particularly the thread handling capabilities, but the developers are working on it, and as a group, we are starting to develop our own conventions. The publicity talks about Pownce as the “Twitter Killer”, or as the IM that lets you send files. Many of the people in our little Pownce group have used it for purposes across this range, but on the whole, we tend more to the threaded discussion-cum-IM capabilities, and I for one can’t see Twitter going anywhere very soon.

So, as an experiment in IM on steroids, I’m finding Pownce flawed, but valuable. I just wish that I could have shared some of the discussions on “Memes”: makes of car named after mythological figures was a particular highlight!

Anyway, expect some real content here soon: I promise!

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