Remember Any Internet Memes?

Posted Tuesday September 22, 2009 by John Gunders in |

I need a little help with a project I’m working on.

It would be really cool to find out what was the very first internet meme. I know this is impossible—by their nature internet memes are only recognised retrospectively*, and the first one would have been so long ago as to be long forgotten.

So what I’m looking for are examples of really old internet memes that still have some sort of archival existence (maybe just an article talking about it). Memes being intrinsically ephemeral, I’m struggling to remember one from last week, and I’m hoping the collective consciousness of teh internetz might help jog my memory.

Add any you can think of in the comments.

And thanks.

*OK, except maybe for something that was so suited to be a meme that it was recognised almost before it started, such as the Kanye West interruption meme.

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