Right like the Tory-graph

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Editor-in-Chief of The Australian has admitted that his newpaper has a right-wing bias:

I think editorially and on the Op Ed page, we are right-of-centre. I don’t think it’s particularly far right, I think some people say that, but I think on a world kind of view you’d say we’re probably pretty much where The Wall Street Journal, or The Telegraph in London are.

Let’s see: only as right the London Telegraph. Wasn’t that the newspaper which was lambasted during the 1980s and 1990s as the “Tory-graph” for its one-eyed support of Margaret Thatcher. Now that’s a proud heritage to emulate…

He’d better watch out: Senator Alston is a tireless crusader against bias in the media, and he wouldn’t let this one go, would he? Would he? Hmmm…

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