Shock! Using MySpace Takes up Time

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One for the “grumpy old curmudgeon” file…

July Nielsen NetRating figures show that Australian MySpace users spent a 4.5 million hours on the social networking site last month resulting from an average of 1 hour and thirty three minutes per user. MySpace has continued its growth with unique visitors increasing to 2.9 million in July and total registered Australian users now at 3.87 million.

People: get a life. A real one.

From Crikey’s editorial comment.

This a very poorly edited quotation and I suspect there might be a phrase missing, but this very clearly says 1 hour 33 minutes per user per month. That’s three minutes a day! But even if they mean 1 hour 33 minutes per user, per day, it’s still a lot less than most people spend watching TV, or I spend answering email!

Way to try and drum up a moral panic about them young people and that internet thingy!

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