Silencing Dissent

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Clive Hamilton

6pm for 6.30pm

The Brisbane Institute, in association with Brisbane’s Better bookshops, invite you to an evening with Clive Hamilton, author of Growth Fetish and Affluenza. Clive will be speaking about his new book, co-edited with Sarah Maddison, called Silencing Dissent: How the Australian government is controlling public opinion and stifling debate.

For over a decade, the Howard government has found ways to silence its critics, one by one. Like the proverbial frog in boiling water, Australians have become accustomed to repeated attacks on respected individuals and organisations. For a government which claims to support freedom of speech and freedom of choice, only certain kinds of speech and choices appear to be acceptable.

Silencing Dissent uncovers the tactics used by John Howard and his colleagues to undermine dissenting and independent opinion. Bullying, intimidation, public denigration, threats of withdrawal of funding, personal harassment, increased government red tape and manipulation of the rules are all tools of trade for a government that wants to keep a lid on public debate. The victims are charities, academics, researchers, journalists, judges, public sector organisations, even parliament itself.

Deeply disturbing, Silencing Dissent raises serious questions about the state of democracy in Australia.

The Irish Club, 171 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane

Brisbane Institute Members/Sponsors free: RSVP to The Brisbane Institute
07 3220 2198
General Admission $16/$14 concession (incl GST): Tickets available through Brisbane’s Better Bookshops:
Avid Reader: 07 3846 3422
Coaldrake’s Milton: 07 3367 0559
American Bookstore: 07 3229 4677
Coaldrake’s Emporium: 07 3854 0188

Please note: Refreshments are not included

Proudly presented by The Brisbane Institute and Brisbane’s Better Bookshops

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