Terrorism and High Treason

Posted Monday July 30, 2007 by Lisa Gunders in |

I’m a slow reader, but am now about half way through Nelson Mandela’s biography, Long Walk to Freedom. Over the time that I’ve been reading about the trial of members of the African National Congress on charges of high treason, I’ve been listening to the radio news coverage of the Mohamed Haneef issue. Now I’m not wanting to diminished for a moment the horrors of apartheid South Africa (especially given the massacres and constant oppression), but I can’t help thinking that Mandela’s description of the actual trial process suggests a good deal more openness, accountability, and co-operation between the defence and prosecution than seems to have occured in the treatment of Haneef.

An awful lot of what is supposedly done in the public or national interest in Australia is now down in secret. Schools, universities, and community groups face endless accountability requirements for their use of public moneys. Surely there should also be more openness and accountability by government ministers and departments for the actions that they (supposedly) take on behalf of the public.

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