The Government Blog Has Arrived

Posted Tuesday December 9, 2008 by John Gunders in |

I previewed this back in September, but the Government blog has become a reality. Timely perhaps, given the current campaign over Internet censorship which at the time of writing had been referenced by two of the three commenters.

You can find the blog here. Not the most user-friendly URL I have ever seen, which suggests that the department might have a way to go before it really “gets” blogging.

Lindsay Tanner’s welcome is full of the rhetoric we’ve come to expect from governments:

We are also genuine about wanting to use online consultation to improve government-citizen relationships around public policy. We want real outcomes from online consultation, not a new channel to distribute a press release.

So this is a learning process. These are trials so we may get things wrong. But we hope to come out the other side with a better picture of how engaged, responsive, timely and comprehensive we need to be in order to engage effectively with citizens online.

Time will tell whether they can live up to these brave statements…

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