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The new clean, green CEO of News Corporation, Rupert Murdoch (you might have heard of him) delivered a global address webcast to News Corp employees today, in which he stated that News Corp would be carbon neutral by 2010:

When I look around the world today, I see continued dependence on oil from vulnerable regions… and oil money going to leaders of countries hostile to us. Then there’s accelerating development in China, India and other developing economies that are reliant on fossil fuels.

But there are promising new technologies—bio-fuels, solar and wind power, cleaner coal.

And we all hear a demand from the public—our audiences—for governments and businesses to involve them in solving our energy challenge.

Today, I am announcing our intention to be carbon neutral, across all our businesses, by 2010.

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At first I thought this was an environmental epiphany like John Howard’s (i.e. “shit, the polls are down: better pretend to do something!”), but as business leaders around the world start demanding carbon trading schemes from various governments, it might be just good for business. And you can’t deny that Rupert is a canny businessman.

In this new war against global warming, Rupert has enlisted his thousands of employees:

But becoming carbon neutral is only the beginning. The climate problem will not be solved by one company reducing its emissions to zero, and it won’t be solved by one government acting alone.
The climate problem will not be solved without mass participation by the general public in countries around the globe.

And that’s where we come in.

We’re starting with our own carbon footprint. Not nothing. But much of what we’re doing is already, or soon will be, little more than the standard way of doing business.

We can do something that’s unique, different from just any other company. We can set an example, and we can reach our audiences.

I await with great enthusiasm to see the way in which Robert Andrew Bolt is going to sell carbon neutrality to his readers!

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