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I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging recently, especially after reading Catriona’s posting about personal blogging and taking a look at the 2amSomewhere site that she mentioned. Most of the blogs that I read are at least partly academic or political and I found the personal aspect of 2amSomewhere somewhat intriguing and a bit disturbing, so haven’t gone back to read it since. But, it did get me thinking.

We tend to think about blogs as new, and certainly teach them as being relatively new and developing their own communication protocols. What fascinates me, though, is not so much the form as the drive to communicate and that has existed for generations. Older generations of women in my family have written poetry or prose, pouring their hearts into the pages when no one else is around. In some instances the writers have asked an undertaking by trusted others to retrieve such works on their death, before partners or children discover the unheard cries therein. In other instances the writers have destroyed the works themselves long before death or discovery. Nevertheless, the need to pour their hearts out to the universe remains.

Many of my friends, being a younger generation than the women of my family, write songs. One friend has been writing for years. His best work comes when he is distressed about the injustice that he sees in the world around him. His band provides some outlet for his musical needs even though they only play in public a couple of times a year. That doesn’t seem to matter, though, and he has continued to compose songs even during those times when he hasn’t had a band to play with. The urge to keep writing songs remains.

Something inside many of us seems to drive us to communicate, sometimes telling people we don’t know at all things that we wouldn’t tell our nearest and dearest, other times just telling the paper or a small gathering of musical friends. Maybe this is part of the drive behind prayer for people who believe in a personal God – the need to communicate innermost thoughts and feelings to someone as a cathartic measure.

Yes, the technology can be interesting from an intellectual perspective, but what seems much more interesting are the drives that cause us to take up the technology and the ways that we use it to fill those needs.

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