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A group of researchers I know are building a website to gather personal recollections of Australian television. The site is currently small, but growing, and they would like your input.

Access is free (register to contribute) and the entries so far are very interesting. Well worth a look…

From the “About” page:

The project focuses on the popular experience of television and its role in forming national culture. As well as the usual academic sources, our research includes people’s memories and personal collections, and ‘ephemera’ like popular publications.

Australia – you’re looking at it

We’re using this site to build up an archive derived from interviews, oral histories, memorabilia, published materials, cultural institutions, fans and online sources. It represents Australian television from the point of view of those who have made and consume it. Once we’ve gathered sufficient materials, we want to use them to investigate questions around: the place of television in popular memory; and the versions produced by fan and ProAm memorialisations; the ‘insider’ perspective from people who have worked in the industry; and the collection of photos and stories about the significant television places, set design and TV-related objects; material that will help ‘map’ TV Australia. Last but not least how national icons and mythologies are produced (not least by audiences) through particular television programs and genres.

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