US Election: Scalzi Lays it out

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From John Scalzi, the clearest-headed assessment of the conditions of the 2008 US presidential election:

He’s not where he is now because he got lucky. He got there because he worked for it. I mean, holy God, people: He’s a black man named Barack Hussein Obama. Think of what you have to do just to get beyond that here in these United States. I joked the other day that it was a verifiable miracle of St. Obama, but in the real world, it’s no miracle. The man earned being where he is today, and likely where he will be at the end of Tuesday night.

I’m voting for Obama, but I’m also voting against both the Republican Party and John McCain, and voting against both for the same reason: Outside of a drive to win and be in power, there’s just nothing there. It’s in fashion for Republicans to kvetch and moan that George Bush has trashed the Republican brand, and of course there’s something to that, because when your standard bearer for the last eight years is the single worst president in the history of the nation, save for the one who actually presided over the dissolution of the United States, it’s hard to come back from that.

I’d love to quote it all! But, you know. Read the whole thing.

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