Why doesn't somebody study the Internet?

Posted Friday November 17, 2006 by John Gunders in |

The British scientist who developed the world wide web says that he is concerned the internet could be misused as it grows and is advocating a research project to study its future.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientist who is credited with creating the internet, said in an interview with the BBC that the way the web is used should be examined by a broad spectrum of experts.


Berners-Lee wants to convene scientists from various disciplines – including biology, political science and sociology – to study the web and the way it affects society.

Hey, what a great idea! Pity no one in the humanities ever thought about studying the Internet!

There are countless researchers in the humanities and social sciences looking at the Internet, digital technologies, and issues in the philosopy of science, and if any one of them ever made a public comment that demonstrated such a fundamental lack of knowledge about an important field of scientific research, there would be outcry about the discipline’s lack of relevance. But Sir Tim can get away with parading his ignorance with impunity.

Seems like the Two Cultures are alive and well.

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